Get these accessories to upgrade your CNC processes

Get these accessories to upgrade your CNC processes

Known for manufacturing superior-quality products and state-of-the-art machines, Premier Plasma CNC stands out with its emphasis on research and development. Let’s dive into some of their top accessories that can enhance your cutting precision and efficiency.

EasyScriber: Precision at Your Fingertips

First up, we have the EasyScriber. This diamond-tipped, spring-loaded engraving tool is a must-have for anyone using Hypertherm Duramax machine torches. The beauty of the EasyScriber lies in its simplicity and efficiency—you can install or remove it in less than 30 seconds. Whether you’re scribing logos, names, bend lines in parts, or creating intricate designs inside your plasma cut profiles, the EasyScriber has got you covered. And the best part? It’s priced at just $90. Elevate your engraving game with this handy tool from Premier Plasma CNC.

4x4 Water Pans: Cool, Clean Cuts

Next on the list are the 4x4 Water Pans. If you’re tired of dealing with warping, sparks, and smoke while cutting, these water pans are a game-changer. The 2-piece water pan is bolted together to form a single unit for a 4x4 table and comes with RTV pan sealant, bolts, nuts, and all the essential hardware you need. Priced at $385, these water pans are designed to provide a cleaner, cooler cutting environment, ensuring your projects come out perfectly every time.

Proma THC Installed / Torch Height Controller: Cutting Made Easy

For those tackling corrugated or warped metal, the Proma THC Installed / Torch Height Controller is a must-have. This accessory automatically adjusts the torch height while cutting, ensuring precision and reducing the risk of errors. When adjusted correctly, it takes the hassle out of managing torch height, allowing you to focus on your work. Get this essential tool for just $350 and experience the difference it makes in your cutting projects.

Magnetic Breakaway Machine Torch Mount: Flexibility and Control

Last but not least, check out the Magnetic Breakaway Machine Torch Mount. This torch holder features a machined socket assembly and a twin hardened ball, allowing you to swing and lock the plasma torch into place for 15, 30, and 45-degree bevel cutting. This flexibility is perfect for achieving those tricky angles with ease. At $430, this mount offers both durability and precision, making it a worthy addition to your CNC setup.

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Apart from these fantastic accessories, Premier Plasma CNC offers a wide range of products, including router CNC tables in Arizona. Explore all the options and find the perfect tools to enhance your CNC projects by visiting this page:

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