Q. How is the item shipped?

A. The item is shipped via freight, with a custom crate built for your equipment.

Q. How long will the shipping take?

A. It will take approximately 3 days for handling, shipping will differ between locations. Buyer will be fully aware of shipping information.

Q. How do I set it up?

A. The Premier Plasma CNC tables come with full instructions on how to set up your table and get it running in no time.

Q. Does it come ready to plug and play?

A. The item comes in a crate and requires assembly Also will require a USA made plasma cutter and computer monitor. 

Q. Does it come with any kind of warranty?

A. Table comes with 1 year warranty. After that all parts are still available for purchase.

Q. Will it come with a plasma cutter?

A. A plasma cutter is not included, however if you wish you can purchase one as well and it will be shipped with your order.

Q. Does the CPU and CAD program come included?

A. Yes they come Included and Licensed so you're able to start making parts right away. 

  • 2 year warranty

    all parts are under warranty.

  • 5 days lead time

  • Life-Time Support

    Tech support available all days of the week