Growing Your Business with Premier Plasma CNC Tables

Growing Your Business with Premier Plasma CNC Tables

1. Introduction

Now that CNC technology is getting cheaper and more affordable for the small-scale manufacturer, starting a business utilizing plasma cutting and a premier CNC table is a great resource for any new entrepreneur getting started. First and foremost, you will have the capability to increase your production to meet the market demand. Manual cutting can only produce so much in a single day. With CNC, you can double, triple, even quadruple the amount of parts cut in a day. This will enable you to take on larger orders without the worry of being able to meet the delivery date. High production capabilities can also be a great resource for subcontract work. Due to the consistency and accuracy of the CNC machine, intricate parts can be nested together to utilize the fullest potential of expensive materials such as stainless steel or aluminum. The ability to duplicate parts with minimal deviation in size and hole location is crucial when transitioning from product development into full production. Manual cutting or outsourcing the work will often lead to defective parts and hours of rework due to inaccuracies in the cutting process. With CNC, the part will be perfect every time.

1.1 Benefits of Premier Plasma CNC Tables

These tables are mainly used for cutting steel and other hard metals and have replaced conventional methods of plasma and flame cutting. The main reasons for this are the lower initial investment and the lower operating costs. These cost savings are achieved through the high cutting speeds and lower cost of plasma cutting compared with oxy-fuel during the last 10 years. Other reasons for the high demand of these tables include the high precision cutting which is now achievable, the excellent cut quality, and the lower edge preparation costs resulting from the use of CNC plasma cutters. The high precision now achievable, the high quality of cut, and the lower edge preparation costs have led to fine plasma cutting being used in many industries which were traditionally dry or precision plasma cut. Use of the Premier Plasma CNC table has obvious benefits for a company wishing to cut metal. However, many companies have found that it is advantageous to set up a small cutting service using a Premier Plasma CNC table to cut steel and other metals as a jobbing shop. The reason for this is that a jobbing shop can save money on fabrication and repairs of metal items by cutting them out themselves on their own Premier Plasma CNC table, rather than paying to have it done elsewhere.

1.2 Features of Premier Plasma CNC Tables

Three key features of a Premier Plasma table separate it from its competitors: flexibility, longevity, and cut quality. Plasma tables being a major investment for any individual or company, these key attributes should not be overlooked. Premier Plasma systems are built to last. This is achieved through the usage of rugged, heavy-duty steel construction, simple, efficient design, and the use of quality (read: non-proprietary) parts. Our tables are built in a way that once you make the purchase, the unwanted additional expenses decrease tremendously. We have seen on multiple occasions, individuals purchasing tables based on slightly lower initial cost, then suffering from tens of thousands of dollars of repairs and consumables in the years to come. At Premier Plasma, we tailor the amperage used on your table to table-specific requirements. This makes sure you are not paying too much for amperage above table requirements and making sure your table can cut for the rated lifespan of the consumables. High initial cut quality is also achieved through high precision assembly fixtures. This makes an incredibly rigid assembly, hence no warping during the cutting process.

1.3 Industries that can Benefit from Premier Plasma CNC Tables

Moving on to industries which exist now that will benefit from the use of their own plasma cutting CNC table, the auto repair and restoration industry can improve their business and guarantee job quality through the utilization of a plasma cutting table. Custom car builders, auto restorers, and chassis builders make a living in a very tough industry. The car is a second most expensive purchase next to a home. This is because many people see a car as an investment. When a custom car builder is building a car and there is $5,000 worth of sheet metal between the chassis and the body sitting on a garage floor and it gets ruined, that person has essentially thrown $5,000 away. Say if a restoration shop has a very rare car in their possession which is essentially just a body and a frame. This car is considered a "collector's item". This is because there are not many left in existence. This shop would benefit by not trusting the structural integrity of the body and buying a few aftermarket patch panels. With a premier plasma system, a new panel could be reproduced out of sheet metal and welded in place. Now compare this to hunting through junk yards and classified ads for parts that may end up being installed half-assed because it's not the right part! The plasma system will pay for itself! A chassis builder often welds a roll cage into a car before it starts major race car fabrication work. This is often done without the floor pans or body on the car. With a plasma system, fragments of the floor pan can be traced so the cage fits tight to the floor and does not further weaken the car's structure. A race car has a large amount of sheet metal body work, and it is not always cost effective to hand fabricate body panels. An auto-jobber can CAD cut body panels for retail customers and due to the low cost of production, higher profits can be made compared to purchasing pre-manufactured panels from an automotive body's parts supplier. All of these auto repair and restoration jobs have increased part and panel production efficiency and higher profit as common factors. This is the type of job that would allow a person to pack it in and say he has a job well done. Higher profit is the benefit here.

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