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How CNC Plasma Table Takes Metalworking to the Next Level

Have you ever been surprised to see a finely cut metal? Or have you wondered how it was made? You must have thought like this at some point. If yes then don't be surprised. There are many people like you who think the same. But the secret behind it is – the CNC plasma table.

These finely cut masterpieces are often the result of the CNC plasma cutter. 

CNC plasma cutting is a process that combines art with technology, i.e., CNC Plasma Table to give stunning results. 

And at Premier Plasma CNC, we're experts in this field and are also passionate about CNC plasma tables. Today, we are going to share the magic behind these stunning creations.

plasma cutting table

What is a CNC Plasma Table?

If you’re new, first let’s understand what a CNC plasma table is.

In the easiest language, a CNC plasma table is a table-looking machine that uses a high-velocity jet of ionized gas (i.e., hot plasma). That high-velocity jet is heated to an extreme temperature to cut materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper). This jet nozzle is controlled by the computer (CNC-Computer numerical control) for cutting and guiding. You can design on a computer, and the CNC plasma cutting machine cuts exactly following the same.

This is called a CNC plasma table

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But we will not go deep down in its technical aspects. Let's just understand in a simple way how it works.

CNC plasma table machine

How does a CNC Plasma Table work?

The CNC plasma table machine features a plasma torch that works by channeling a gas, such as oxygen through a nozzle at a high rate of speed. Simultaneously, it produces an electric arc that trunks tan gas into powerful plasma. The intense heat generated by the plasma is hot enough to melt the metal, while its extreme pressure drives away the molten elements that leave behind clean-cut paths. Plasma cutting is limited to treating electrically conductive metals since it needs an electrical current to convert the gas into plasma.

How CNC Plasma Table Takes Metalworking to the Next Level?

plasma cutting table

Just combine the CNC technology with plasma cutting, and you have a game-changing tool for metalworking: the CNC plasma table. Here is how it takes metalworking to the next level:

Precision in Every Cut

CNC means computer-controlled accuracy. You can design your project on a computer, and the CNC plasma cutting machine cuts exactly following your design, every single time. Whether you want to cut straight lines, sharp angles, or intricate curves, the CNC plasma table performs every task with full accuracy and intricacy every time.

Material Versatility

Versatility is one of the most significant advantages of a CNC plasma table. It can cut various metals such as - steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc, making them ideal for various applications.

Repetition Made Easy

A CNC plasma table machine can repeatedly cut a large number of identical pieces if your project requires it. Now, you don't need to perform the same cut again and again; the CNC plasma cutting machine can do this consistently with minimal human effort.

Safety and Efficiency

Humans are not able to match the precision and processing speed of a CNC-controlled plasma torch. But with CNC automation, it is just a matter of efficiency. After the design is entered into the computer, a CNC plasma table precisely and reliably cuts components consistently working day and night. It can cut up to 200 inches per minute. 

Since it is computer-controlled, it prevents accidents by keeping your hands away from the plasma cutter.

Cost Savings

Initially, when you buy, a CNC plasma table machine needs a substantial investment. But on the contrary, it's a long-term investment that will lead to long-term profit or ROI. It will help you reduce costs on labor, material waste, rework, and casualties. Only one technician is required to operate the CNC plasma cutting machine and can speed up the production.


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The CNC plasma table is not an expense, it's an investment for high ROI. This industrial cutting equipment is becoming more affordable and easy to use so that small businesses can also afford it. 

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