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The Clicklease early payoff program

Here are the details for our new program, it includes a 5 month early buyout.



  • The customer would make their regularly scheduled payment for up to 5 months
  • Anytime within the 5 months the customer can pay the lease off
    • The total cost to satisfy the terms of the lease would be any payments the customer made up to that point plus the cost of the original invoice
    • For example, if the customer made 1 payment, it would be the 1 payment plus the cost of the original invoice (plus tax), if the customer made 3 payments it would be the 3 payments plus the cost of the original invoice (plus tax)
    • If the customer decides to not take advantage of the offer in the first 5 months, the customer would be obligated to fulfill the original terms of the lease
  • The doc fee would still need to be paid and wouldn’t count toward a payment or the invoice amount
  • This option wouldn’t be specific to approved credit profiles – if we approved the customer at any rate, they would be eligible



  • Significant cost savings to the customer
  • Gives the vendor the ability to turn the customer into a repeat customer in a significantly shorter period of time (up to 5 months as opposed to 24+ months)
  • Potential increase of Customer satisfaction
  • Customer doesn’t have to opt-in to the program at the time of doc signing they can take advantage anytime within the first 5 months


  • Offering this option does not cost anything extra even if the customer takes advantage of the early buyout
    • No limitations on customer credit profiles – all approved customers will receive the option


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