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Adding Limit switches

In the previous discussion I have presented the types of limit switches and how they can be used with mach3 as either homing switches or limit switches to prevent the machine from over travelling on the rails or hitting the gantry.

Limit switches are mounted at the ends of the machine travel, but so, that, when the machine hits the switch, it still has room to stop before crashing.

Going direct through the process,

NO switches are used in our case for mach3,
the simple (bad schematic sketch) diagram I draw shows a parallel connection for the switches which combines each 2 limits for each axis on a single input as we don’t have enough input pins to connect each limit switch separately.

The “Gnd” on the schematic refers to the Gnd˅ (Gnd in) port on the break out board.

The “X input” the is the pin on the breakout board that is meant to receive a signal and stop the machine when ever the x axis limit switch is triggered, and so on for the other inputs.

So the connection in the breakout board is:

X input === in1 (on breakout board)

Y input === in2 (on breakout board)

Z input === in3 (on breakout board)

As noted on the breakout board , each input pin correspondingly is linked to a port number, the attached picture shows the set up in mach3 for having the limit switches so that mach3 can read them.

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