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SheetCAM offers the ability to add path rules for getting better cut results and fine tune your cuts for maximum quality output. 


You can download our ready-to-load path rules file: 

SheetCAM Path-rules Download


How to install SheetCAM Path rules: 

1. open your sheetCAM  software. 

2. click on options drop-down menu. 

3. select job options and you will get the following dialogue box: 

SheetCAM Pathrules installation 1


4. click on Load. 

5. browse to the file you downloaded using the above link. 

6. select the file and click ok. 


How to apply path-rules: 

when it comes to applying path-rules, you have to choose whether you want the path-rules to be applied to all Generated G-codes, or just to specific ones. 


1. Always Apply to G-codes: 

while you are still in the previous dialogue box, at the bottom you will find an option to always apply the loaded path rules file. 

Sheetcam path rules installation 2


2. apply to Specific G-codes: 

to apply the path rules only to specific G-code files, follow the below steps: 


1. while creating a new G-code File, click on operation setting to get to the following dialogue box. 

2. select the red-marked option to apply the path rules, (if you create a G-code without selecting this option, path rules will not be applied). 


3. or click the (3 dots) next to it to create or modifiy path rules. 





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