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SheetCAM: Installing toolset files

Premier Plasma CNC offers a ready to use set of tools that comes preinstalled on all shipped computers. these tools will help you start creating your cuts and a very good starting point to adjust and get it right for your specific plasma Cutter. 


you can download the toolset file here: 

SheetCAM Toolset Files 


How to install SheetCAM Toolset

the toolset installation is pretty easy and straight forward, follow these steps to install it:

1. open your SheetCAM Software. 

2. click on file drop-down menu. 

3. select "open Toolset". 

4. browse the file you downloaded above and click open. 

5. a dialogue box will appear to prompt you to change tool names, keep it all as default and click ok. 


SheetCAM toolset installation - 1         


SheetCAM Toolset Installation - 2



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