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SheetCAM offers the ability to add path rules for getting better cut results and fine tune your cuts for maximum quality output.    You can download our ready-to-load path rules file:  SheetCAM Path-rules Download   How to install SheetCAM Path rules:  1. open your sheetCAM  software.  2. click on options...

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* Note: The model we use on our tables, and we explain here is: Proma SD Compact THC. Safety Note!  WHEN THE DEVICE IS IN OPERATION, VOLTAGE HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH AND HUMAN LIFE IS PRESENT INSIDE THE HOUSING AND AT THE CONNECTION TERMINALS   Warning: Provide adequate protection for all risks...

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What is Plasma Cutting?  Plasma, as known to be the fourth state of matter, is a super-heated gas flow that is formed when compressed air or gas (like nitrogen or argon) make contact with the electrode (which is at the tip of the cutting torch) and ionise to create plasma. ...

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